Your favorite game type can have an serious impact on making a decision to give your play to any particular online casino. Some casinos have a more favorable environment for table games and some are better for slots.

50/50 Games

50/50 simply refers to a game type where the house edge over the player is very small.

Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat... basically most table games are examples of a 50/50 type game.

To further explain a 50/50 game we'll use blackjack for an example. With correct strategy and favorable betting options, a player can sometimes keep the house edge at less than 1%. This obviously isn't 50/50 its more like 51/49 but you can see what the term implies.

If you are a player who prefers the 50/50 game type this can have an impact on where you choose to play. Some casinos will have better betting options that will give less of a house edge over the player. In terms of bonuses, most casinos dont allow play from 50/50 games to contribute towards unlocking a bonus promotion. Those that do allow it generally make the play from these game a fraction of the wagering power that you would get from wagering a bet with slots. This is futher explained in our wagering requirements section.

Best 50/50 Game Type Online Casinos

Currently the best online casinos for table games include Cherry Red, Lucky18, or Millionaire for the high rollers who wish to have very high betting limits and top notch vip incentives. USA players are welcome at all of these casinos.

High House Edge Games

This game type refers to the games that have a very high house advantage. This refers to the lottery type games such as slots and keno in which you have to overcome the odds to get a great payout.

Players who are partial to this game type you probably will simply choose rooms that have your favorite variations of these games along with good graphics and usability. Online casino bonuses always flow best with these game types.

While games like slots and keno are among the most pure form of gambling they can have advantages. As mentioned earlier, your wagers in these types of games will always count 100% towards unlocking special bonus promotions.

Mixture Games

Some Casino Games form a mix of the above game types. Most forms of Video poker are a mixture of the game types. Most of the time the house edge is on the lower end but at the same time you can hit a big hand and win in a fashion similar to slots. At the time of updating this page Cherry Red is offering a great video-poker bonus catering to video poker enthusiasts.

Best Casinos for High House Edge Games

The best online casinos for high house edge games are typically the casinos with the best online casino bonuses. For the sake of recommendation the best choices right now are either Golden Casino, Go Casino, or any of the microgaming casinos, particularly Jackpot City. None of the microgaming casinos allow US players.

In conclusion, your favorite casino game types are an important factor when choosing an online casino. Many players favor specific games and seek the best experience and bonuses for those particular games. The 50/50 game type is usually excluded or handicapped in its ability to contribute towards unlocking welcome bonuses