The popularity of sports betting continues to grow and has established itself firmly as a major form of entertainment all over the world. Punters in the United Kingdom are fortunate to have access to a well regulated environment, with the UK Gambling Commission always working on making sure betting is safe.

As part of our charter, is committed to playing our role in not only helping punters find safe places to bet, but also to find exciting opportunities such as free bets, cash back promotions, prize giveaways and of course the best odds.

We review many different bookmakers, all of which have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, or other European licensing jurisdiction which have been deemed suitable by the Commission.

Whilst after horse and dog racing, football is by far the largest sports betting market, other markets like motor racing, rugby, cricket and American sports are gaining in popularity all the time. We look for opportunities that could have value in our sports betting guide.

Most of all, we encourage punters to only engage in sports betting activities that are within their means and always bet responsibly.