The transition from "play money" to depositing real money in an account can be intimidating and it is good to know some general points about online casinos before taking the step to play with real money. Here are a few important points to guide your decision in making your first deposit at an online casino.

Real Money Location Restrictions

Because of some laws and acts that make it illegal to accept funds from residents in certain areas many casinos have opted to restrict real money play from residents of certain regions. There are however casinos that welcome players from most or all regions of the world. We specifically have a list of casinos that welcome players from the USA. These casinos generally welcome players from most places in a stance against gambling restriction. Most information sources will tell you that the institutions are liable for potential law violations and not the players. It is the players responibility to determine if there local government makes online gambling in their region or state illegal.

Deposit And Withdrawal

Most online casinos take debit and credit cards which is also usually the most convenient way to get money in a casino as it is generally an instant transaction. If possible however, it is recommended to sign up with an e-wallet. A familiar example of an e-wallet is paypal which most people use to buy things on ebay. There are many e-wallet options available at most online casinos. Some e-wallets have location restrictions while others don't.

Withdrawal is usually a less complex process. You can generally opt to receive checks, bank transfers, or transfer into an e-wallet. Be prepared the first time you cash out at an online casino to have a photocopy of your id available. This is necessary to confirm your identity and also prevent online casino abusers from creating multiple accounts as well as other shady activity.

Online Casinos that welcome US players generally strive to keep as many us friendly banking options as possible and are always looking for more options. You can always find the current deposit and withdrawal methods for each casino on their website and sometimes within their online casino software.

Sign-up Bonuses

Online casino Bonuses are one of the prime time ways casinos market to players. It is recommended that you study the terms and conditions of a bonus before claiming it. Most of the time bonuses are a great way to increase your chances of winning with the amount of money you have. Typically the wagering requirements outlined in a bonuses "terms and conditions" will let you know whether or not the bonus will be beneficial to you. The more popular online casinos typically have good bonuses and recurring promotions as well.

House Edge

Just like Live Casinos, all online casino games have a house edge. The house edge is not only set in stone but further affected by your degree of skill and knowledge of the particular game you are playing. It is important to note that there is no easy way out to beat the house edge. Any schemes that claim to do so are scams.

It is encouraging to note that most online casino have higher expected odds of return compared to their live game counter parts. Generally you can expect around 92-95% payout for slots, 97-99.5% payout for video poker, 97.5-99.5% for table games and then Keno, which varies a lot, from 75% to 95%.

The main point to realize about house edge is that when you play at an online casino your are indeed taking a risk and gambling with your money.

Rogue Casinos

In the vast world of online gaming their is bound to be lemons in the mix which come to be deemed as rogue casinos. Most Casinos operate fairly and are happy with the fact that they simply make guaranteed loads of money by allowing people to gamble at their online casino. On we list trusted online casinos and strive to deliver a platform that keeps the good online casinos in the lime light.

In conclusion, these points are an effort to point out important aspects of preparing to gamble at an online casino. With a bit of caution and knowledge of the industry, new players can optimize their online casino experience to be as enjoyable as possible