Mobile gambling is quickly becoming one of the favorite gaming types to many people. It's convenient, easy to use and you can play anytime and anywhere. The new generation of mobile phones and tablets made it possible for online casino operators to provide mobile services as well. This way no matter where you are, you'll always have the chance to play online. But let's see what exactly mobile gambling is, how it works and what the benefits are.

How Does Mobile Gambling Work

Mobile gambling is a form of online gaming. All you need to do is to own a new generation smart phone or a tablet, but older phones with regular internet access will do the trick as well. You simply access the online casino page and there play your favorite game the same way you would do, if you would play from your PC.

But like said there are different versions available. The most typical is that the casino offers its website in a mobile version, which can be accesses by any tablet or phone with internet access. You just log into the casino and play.

The second one on the other hand will require a newer generation mobile phone, like Apple's iPhone or Android based devices. This is because some casinos will usually provide software or application that needs to be downloaded. It may seem a bit stressing to do so, but the benefits are far greater than the downsides.

iPhone Casinos

The latest mobile phone technology allows online casinos to offer separate online casino applications for your device. Phones are convenient because you carry them with you pretty much all the time and for this reason you're always able to play whenever you feel like. Be it poker, slots, roulette, craps, you name it. Each game is available.

The iPhone is by far one of the best and most successful smart phones on the market. Playing games on this device is a real adventure considering the high resolution images and the flashy animations. The iPhone is basically a mini computer and casino games on this phone look almost the same as played on a real PC.

Remember: Not so long ago online gambling was not supported by Apple. The only casino apps allowed were just simple free money games which could be played only for fun. But recently Apple changed it's policy and now allows certain casinos to sell their apps in iTunes. Obviously only legit casinos will receive a place there, but this is actually very good news for the player.

Android Casinos

Android is quickly becoming the top-ranked smart phone operating system on the market. It's fast, glitch free and provides extremely high quality graphics. Under this circumstances it's truly a pleasure to play casino games uning this operating system. But there might be a problem, the official Android Market doesn't allow the distribution of real money casino apps.

Late 2010 Android decided to disallow the selling of real money casino game applications in their store. But this doesn't mean it's illegal to play mobile casino games on phones using this operating system. It simply means that casinos can't distribute their apps on the Android Market. Elsewhere they can.

Remember: Online casinos simply allow users to download the casino app from their websites. You can do that either from your PC and then copy the app to your phone, or access the site directly from your mobile device.

Windows Phone 7 Casinos

The Windows Phone 7 operating system appeared in 2010, years after the two previously mentioned platforms. While it's definitely a well-built system that comes with exceptional performance and very good graphics, it's still relatively new. This is the reason why the majority of players still prefer the Android or Apple based system for gambling.

Tip: Devices running on this OS are on the rise and we can surely expect an increase in Windows Phone 7 device sales as well. Online casinos quickly realized this fact and are heavily producing new gambling applications.

Tablet Casinos

Tablets like the iPad for example are a great tool to play mobile games. You can easily and without effort carry them wherever you like and play whenever you're in the mood to. Their advantage is that they are almost like regular computers. The graphics are great and the games always run smooth.

Why Gamble Using a Mobile Device?

The main reason is obviously the accessibility. You can play games whenever you like, in all situations and places imaginable. Just think about it, you are a sports betting fan and your favorite game is about to start, but you aren't at home. You know, you are 100% sure that a simple bet would make you rich instantly. But don't worry the new mobile phone or tablet you just recently bought will save the day.

Another interesting aspect is security. Many have concerns when it comes to mobile gaming, but in fact this form of online gambling is the safest. Computer viruses targeting mobile device software are very rare, almost non-existent. if you have the chance, you should definitely try mobile gaming out.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Yes, some casinos even offer bonus money if you play games using a mobile device. If you decide to try out mobile gambling you should definitely keep an eye on the related offers. Not many have these kinds of options though. But the best casinos always have something for you to choose from.