Chosing an online casino shouldn't be a difficult task with some good guidance. There are some very important universal considerations as well as individual preferences you specifically have that will determine which online casino is right for you.

Playing Distinctly with Play Money

Many of the important considerations involve the premise that you are choosing to actually deposit real money in an account and play with it. If you simply want to use online casinos to play games you like and test out games for future live casinos then your considerations can be narrowed down. You are probably focused primarily on game selection, usability, and graphics. You may also be best suited to play at a casino that offers easily accessible streaming flash games that require no downloaded software. If this is you then we personally recommend Lucky 18 casino. They are an RTG casino that excels in all of these areas.

Later, if you are interested in trying to play with real money, Lucky18 is also a great choice because of good support, consistent bonus promotions with reasonable wagering requirements, and good banking options which include options for USA based players

Logical Online Casino Considerations

It is universally important to chose a casino that has a good reputation in terms of trust, support, and banking. One of the biggest concerns you have as a player is getting money in and out of an online casino efficiently and keeping your information secure. At we setup reviews to bring visibility to the online casinos that excel in these areas.

Your Location

Your location can be an important consideration. For example, many casinos don't allow USA players to play there. we have a list of usa online casinos that typically accept play from anywhere in the world. These casinos are generally a good choice for anyone in the world because of their popularity. Their extended player base gives them financial leverage to create better promotions for their players.

Bonus And Promotion Considerations

Many players are attracted to casinos based on the bonuses and promotions they offer. Most of the casinos listed at excel in promotions because their popularity and player base allows them to be able to afford to do so. At we analize the quality of online casino bonus incentives and publish a table of the best online casino bonuses.

When looking for good bonuses and promotions you want to make sure that you observe the terms and conditions of each promotion. Online Casinos must attach terms and conditions to promotions to keep savvy casino players from taking advantage of the promotions without any loyalty to the casino. If the wagering requirements and terms of withdrawal on promotions are favorable then it is an okay move to join a casino for a specific promotion.

What Types Of Games You Prefer to Play

Most of the casinos listed on all have a wide variety of games and betting limits for those games. The main consideration for choosing casinos based on game preference is looking at the usability and selection of your favorite casino game types. What casino suits your preferences in terms of game selection is generally related to its software provider. For example, RTG casinos like Cherry Red are renowned for their quality game selection, graphics and usability, particularly with table games and video poker.

Using as a Resource is setup to keep solid online casinos in the lime light. We do this by sorting online casinos based on editor reviews and player reviews. Editor reviews are generally more in depth studies of important considerations players should look at when choosing an online casino. Player Reviews are very important because they allow you to see feedback from specific player experience.

Player Reviews Verses Editor Reviews

Editor reviews are more time based while the player reviews are cumulative. The editor reviews consistently change based on what is currently going on with particular casinos and also the fact the we feed off of player reviews as well. Overall player ratings are calculated as an accumulation of all of the reviews that a casino has received from players.

Good player reviews will allow you to see what a player thinks about the casino at a certain point in time. The quality of player reviews is based off of the effort of individual players to communicate their personal experience to other players. We hope to over time become the first information portal to use player reviews as the central element to ranking online casinos. At the same time, comparing editor reviews and player reviews can be a great compliment when choosing an online casino.

Other Indications of A Good Online Casino

We also sort online casinos in terms of most popular and most reviewed online casinos. Popularity is a great indicator of a casinos player base. Essentially an online casino grows to and maintains a solid player base by virtue of excelling or at least being adequate in all of the important criteria an online casino is judged by.