Europe can also be considered a so-to-say online gambling heaven. This is because it's the place where online gambling regulations are the most liberal in the world. While European online gambling legislation is not universal, most countries on the other hand have adopted favorable regulations.

But besides legality, online casinos functioning in Europe are also the safest in the world. European countries, especially the UK employ some of the highest security standards in the industry.

Some European countries, like Spain for example lack a clearly defined online gambling legislation. General European Union guidelines recommend member states to adopt a positive legislation, but individual countries may still decide if they want to regulate online gambling or not.

Best European Online Casinos

First of all you might want to know how to tell which online casino accepts European players. It's easy. Usually these casinos either display the European Union flag or individual countries flags on their site. Another way to find these casinos is by looking at the currencies offered. If the euro is one of them you can be sure the casino is safe for you to play.

But not each online casino that accepts European players has also great offers. There are several aspects you should consider before choosing where you intend to play. The first criteria should be the game offering. Even if you like one particular game the most, sometimes you just want to play different games as well. It's always nice for example to take a break from poker with a nice game of blackjack, roulette, craps or even bingo.

The European online casino of your choice should also look appealing and nice. What we mean by this is that it should provide crisp graphics and an intuitive gameplay. Gaming is about having fun and obviously playing at a place which looks great is always a pleasure. In fact, you probably wouldn't stay long at an online casino if it isn't attractive enough.

European casinos usually offer several types of incentives for you to sign up at them. These are called online casino bonuses. They give you the chance to earn a lot of free money, if you register at the respective casino. Obviously you can easily tell that free money means more games, more fun and of course better winning chances.

How to Find the Top European Online Casinos

As you probably already know there are a lot of online casinos operating or providing services in Europe. Therefore, finding the one that satisfies your needs might be quite of a challenge. You may as well browse the internet and evaluate each casino in part, but we assure you this task is almost impossible to achieve.

It took a very long time for our team of experienced reviewers to find the greatest European online casinos. But we're willing to reveal this information to you for free.