While the quality of online casino is gauged according to their banking options, customer service, reputation and security, no online gambling ground can be considered to be one of the best without high-quality casino software. There are several leading software development companies that stand behind the top casinos on the web with Vegas Technology, Real Time Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming leading the way.

Almost all online casinos are powered by the aforementioned software platforms and these determine the selection of games the players can choose from, quality of graphics and sounds, so it is little wonder online casino software is considered to be essential for every gambling venue on the web.

Behind every respectable online casino lies a top-notch software platform that needs to satisfy high standards in order to be deemed legitimate to use. The number of software companies developing casino gaming platforms has seen its rise with the appearance of new online casinos but only a few have managed to stay at the top of the market and they are still used by the biggest online casinos worldwide. Only four of them have made its way to our selection of top software platforms on the web.

Playtech Online Casinos

Powering best online casinos since 1999, Playtech is one of the leading software providers and they are probably number one when it comes to the European market. The well known software company doesn’t offer as many games to choose from as their biggest rivals, but if mesmerizing graphics and memorable user interface are things you are looking for in a casino, then look no further than Playtech online casinos.Experiencing numerous difficulties in their dealings within the North American Markey, the company decided to turn their back on the US players in 2006 and they are now mostly oriented towards European players. Having said that, top European gambling venues are now powered by Playtech software.

Realtime Gaming Online Casinos

Realtime Gaming, one of the leading software providers, was established in Atlanta in 1998, but they have relocated their offices to Costa Rica after being acquired by Hastings International in 2007. Considering that all realtime gaming online casinos accept US players, the software provider has become very popular among online casinos targeting the North American market.Realtime Gaming has been associated with several rogue casinos shortly after their establishment, but they have since built a very good reputation in the gambling world and are now standing behind some of the biggest names in the online casino business, such as Win Palace Casino, Rushmore Casino, Lucky Red, Cherry Red and Sliver Oak Casino among others.

Microgaming Online Casinos

Understanding that high-quality software is the key to building a first-rate casino, online gaming companies doesn’t want to risk anything and they only work with the best software development companies in the business. Microgaming has been one of the leading software development companies ever since they have developed the first casino software in 1994 and microgaming casinos still lead the way when it comes to the ultimate gaming experience.The world famous software development company stands behind some of the best online casinos and it offers an unparalleled gambling experience, although you should know that they have long ago left the North American market, meaning that microgaming online casinos do not accept players from the United States.