The listed online casinos on this site are consistently regulated by one of the top 5 international accounting and auditing firms.

Payout Percentages are typically displayed somewhere on the casino's web site, most likely, their terms of service. Players should make sure to examine an online casino's terms so that you can be sure that the games are fair and honest.

Top online casinos also typically run on a popular software provider such as Microgaming, Vegas Technology, or Real Time Gaming. These software providers not only act as a means to facilitate a virtual casino environment, but also serve as regulators of the online casinos on their brand.

How Online Casinos Simulate Fair Play

Online casinos use technology identical to the methods used to simulate a chance environment in live casino video machines. For more info on this check out the Fairness in Online Casinos article.

Players should always evaluate the actual website for transparency about the operation. Make sure to look for a clear and fair terms of service page which displays all of the ins and outs of playing there